Introducing // Large Charm Bracelets

The charm bracelets we both wore as children are a big part of the Loquet story – nostalgic inspiration behind our idea of collectible bespoke charm jewellery, unique to the wearer and evocative of dreams and desire. Our locket necklaces are treasured pieces, often gifted at milestone moments, designed to grow and evolve over time, and we wanted to create a similarly original take on the charm bracelet, true to our unique Loquet storytelling language, and again, with the ability to mix and match (this time with oversized favourite charms) to send coded messages of luck and love, hope and faith.

Playing with proportion and texture, as well as inset gemstones, we wanted the bracelets to be unapologetically bold and luxe, to make a strong style statement with a chunky chain and charms which can be swapped around at will. Emotional and collectible, the bracelets mark the next stage in the Loquet story as the brand hits its second birthday in truly romantic style.

– Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey

For more information or to order please email

All bracelets are handmade using solid 14k yellow gold intricately etched and set with precious stones that represent the message of the charm: the rubies on the heart charm mean “I love you”, tanzanite meaning “peace” and tourmalines on the star charm representing “happiness.” For more information or to order please email