Loquet London

Loquet London is a new British luxury jewellery concept created by Sheherazade Goldsmith with Laura Bailey that launched in June 2013.

The gold framed crystal 'Loquet' is designed to open and be personalised with collectable charms and birthstones. A lucky horseshoe, a gold initial, a September sapphire or a diamond studded shooting star. Each 'Loquet' is a unique and bespoke gift; a love letter coded in charms.

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A selection of charms and lockets on gold chain by Sheherezade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey

Bracelet Care

We recommend the following care:

  • Whilst not being worn we recommend storing your bracelet in its original box.
  • In order to keep your bracelet in beautiful condition we recommend that you do not wear it whilst in water.
  • Clean your charms by rubbing them with a dry lint-free cloth
  • Should your bracelet require tougher cleaning please use a professional jewellery service
  • If your bracelet is accidentally damaged any good quality jeweller can make repairs or you can return it to Loquet London for repair at a cost of £100 + shipping. Please note that due to the nature of the product and the fact that each piece is hand made this process may take up to 8 weeks. Before returning please email repairs@loquetlondon.com for full return instructions.

Due to the metallic compositions of the gold charms, tarnishing although rare may occur over time. Should this happen we recommend the following care:

  • To clean charms that do not include any soft gemstones, pearls or crystals put the charm into warm sudsy water containing a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid and rub gently with your fingers or a cotton swab.
  • Rinse your charms thoroughly with warm water and dry with a cotton cloth. Avoid using paper products such as tissues as they contain particles of wood that can scratch the gold's surface.
  • Before storing, let the charms lie flat and air dry completely, overnight if possible.
  • Should your charms require tougher cleaning please use a professional jewellery service or you can return them Loquet London for repair (fees and shipping apply)
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Lockets and charms in gold and precious and semi-precious stones