Lola Bute

Lola Bute

Lola Bute

How did you come up with the idea for this charm?

I chose to do an Eternity charm because I believe when you lose someone the love and connection you had with them is never truly gone, although they physically are. When someone dies your love for them lives on forever. "Their love was sealed for eternity".

What Charity did you choose and why?

Action on Addiction, James Place and Place2Be because I believe Addiction, mental health and suicide all come hand in hand and I feel very passionate about supporting the three. I have experienced first hand that these are the epidemic of my generation. I feel compelled to give back to those who I have loved and lost, and help make a difference for those still suffering.

Best teenage moment?

Falling in love and my time with Kai <3

Best gift ever received or given?

My boyfriend Kai gave me a heart shaped necklace for valentines day last year and wrote "a little heart for the biggest heart" and I gave him a necklace with a gold pebble pendant with a note saying "my rock".

Favourite place?

Costa Rica

Most played tune?

Shallow - A Star is Born

The last thing that made you smile?

My friends

Faith is…?

The strength and hope to carry on

Which word do you most overuse?


What superpower do you crave?

To time travel

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