Marina Testino

Marina Testino

Marina Testino

Fresh out of Parsons School of Design, Marina Testino sought to create a unique brand that cross-pollinates her love of art and fashion. The result was Point Off View. Testino is originally from New York, but has resided in France, UK and Spain while maintaining strong connections to her Peruvian background. Being exposed to different cultures from a young age, these experiences have influenced and inspired her brand and her own personal #pointoffview.

How did you come up with the idea for this charm? 

Wanted to create a charm with a hidden meaning, which at the same time was beautiful, simple and creative. To me, jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique and strong, so what better than mixing art with a powerful message? 

What Charity did you choose and why?

I chose Period, a non-profit created by Nadya Okamoto to help those in need to access menstrual products. I recently met her and her story and initiatives were so inspiring. She is a great role model even at her young age. While struggling with homelessness as a teen, she discovered one of the biggest challenges of their living situations: period. She decided with her mission to end period poverty but most importantly, the stigma surrounding it. We will not be women without it. It’s part of our most intimate and beautiful power, that’s why I decided to contribute to her cause. 

Friendship is?

It is usually said "no man is an island", but we are sometimes. That’s why friendship is so important, it's just the bridge linking each other, creating bonds that go beyond our essence as humans. It’s one of the most pure feelings. 

What is colour? 

Colour is light captured in solid form; it is harmony, temperature, a sensation. In its largest part, I’d say colour is on of the most beautiful parts of the human senses. 

How do you waste time? 

Watching TV is a total waste of time, but like most people, I still do it to unwinded. 

Most played tune?

comethru- Jeremy Zucker

The last thing that made you Cry? 

Watching the lion king with my little sister.

Happiness is? 

Appreciating the good moments and being grateful for them. 

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