Nadia Narain

Nadia Narain

Nadia Narain

How did you come up with the idea for the charm?

The upside down triangle symbolises the Yoni yantra(meditation sign)
It is one of the oldest and most meaningful symbols and it is said to to bring the following when we meditate on the symbol
Promotes flow of energy
Calms the mind
Alleviates stress
Promotes mental clarity
Strengthens the nervous system

I like that the 3 sides symbolise the virgin, mother and crone 
and is the mother of the universe in its forms of mind , life and matter
She is transformation on every level and represents the sovereignty of the 
Self, Fearlessness and Radical love. 

The upside down triangle is the symbol of Shakti  
Shakti, one of the most important goddesses in the Hindu pantheon.
A divine cosmic energy that represents feminine energy and the dynamic forces that move through the universe. 
Shakti, who is responsible for creation and can also be an agent of change, is often manifested to destroy demonic forces and restore balance. 

What superpower do you have?

Calm in the face of adversity or lifes big moments. Birth, Death , Heartbreak, Illness. Global pandemic lockdown. I adapt well and Seem  to be the one everyone comes to. 

First thing you do in the morning?

Then think of 3 things I’m grateful for. 
This morning was so big and yet so bloody simple 
The things we take for granted until they are not there. 
Health, Safety and Peace of mind and heart. 

The last thing that made you smile?

I just face timed my sister and she was in a cupboard with a duvet wrapped around her trying to record our audio book version of Self-care for Self Isolation, 
That cracked me up. 
But simple things these days like sunshine, sweet friendships and a bursting heart of love for humanity in this particular time in history makes me smile and smile and smile. 


Faith is?

Love, Kindness and human beings.

Tell us a secret?

I don’t do secrets
But a I seem to be a vault for others

Most unexpected coincidence? 

Dont believe in coincidence but do in synchronicity

Define sisterhood?

My sister and I are incredibly close so i have literal sisterhood with my actual sister.
But i also have a coven of “sisters” that are my women. 
We are there for one another. Its one of the great beauties of getting older.
The older i get the longer i have these friendships.
Nothing makes me happier than saying things like “she been my friend for 30 years”
It blows my mind every time. Its the best things about getting older.

Best part of your day? 

You are asking me at a particularly interesting time in all our lives. 6 weeks into a global lockdown. 
From my vantage point all of my day is the best. 
I am healthy. I have food. I have shelter. I am alone technically but not in the slightest lonely. 
The day is good. 


What’s next? 

Who knows??? 
Its one breath at a time. One step in front of the other. One day at a time. 
But today all is good 

Self Care for Self Isolation

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