Loquet London

Loquet London is a new British luxury jewellery concept created by Sheherazade Goldsmith with Laura Bailey that launched in June 2013.

The gold framed crystal 'Loquet' is designed to open and be personalised with collectable charms and birthstones. A lucky horseshoe, a gold initial, a September sapphire or a diamond studded shooting star. Each 'Loquet' is a unique and bespoke gift; a love letter coded in charms.

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Garnet & Emerald and an interlocked double heart for my kids and their birthdays, a tiny gold envelope to symbolise love letters, and a key for secrets, in a medium round Loquet. (And an L in a tiny heart on the same chain)


My kids' initials, UTJ,
Aquamarine, my birthstone
A diamond kiss and hug — for love and my favourite.
A gold shooting star to always make wishes.


Emerald — It's my birth stone
Number 3 - the door number of my house of 21 years and my lucky number


Large round one 32inch chain
— So I can fit all my siblings in
ESJ — My initial and their's
Birthstones—Garnet for my sister Jemima
Tanzanite for my brother Sam


White diamond — my birthstone
Emerald — my favourite colour
Envelope — I want to send a message to the world through my work when I'm older
Key — to lock my heart and secrets away Shooting star — for wishful thinking


Frog — I kissed a frog...
Wishbone — and wished for my prince
J — the name of my prince
Sapphire — his birthstone
Diamond — my birthstone


Wishbone for luck
Aquamarine for courage and
because it's beautiful
Tanzanite — my birthstone, my dad's, my mum's and my niece's
Letter R in memory of my dad
Number 2 is my lucky number


Big round locket — with diamond chain — so I can collect charms in it forever
Elephant because he was the first...
Diamond dragonfly — the glittery wings make me happy
Linked hearts — what more do you need?
Leaving space for the years and charms to come...


TM mum's initials,
I think about her quite a lot.

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Lockets and charms in gold and precious and semi-precious stones