Chantal Conrad for Loquet London
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Lumiere is an innovative collection of pendants designed around a miniature handcrafted lens discreetly embedded within. When held up to the light Lumiere reveals a secret message for the viewer's eyes only.
Loquet Stories
Loquet Stories

A gift like no other

This collaboration celebrates a return to writing, reminiscent of the way we save an old love letter, evocative of special memories. A piece to cherish and to pass down through generations.

Look into your Lumiere and find your secret love or magic memory... or simply a promise to yourself.

What would you say? To a loved one?
To yourself?...

“My own Lumiere holds within it the words of a cherished love note which after years of being my constant companion in my wallet had begun to disintegrate. Reluctantly I had to save its battered and love worn paper by framing it. I missed the comfort of having it with me daily. Now I carry those words with me around my neck.. to be read at any given moment in time. I hope that with Lumiere everyone can carry with them a little memory, a love letter, a poem, or whatever gives them joy.”
Chantal Conrad
Chantal Conrad is a jeweller and designer of international acclaim. Lumiere is her latest creation......