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Our London Flagship Store

Introducing the new Loquet London flagship store.

Loquet Stories


-Authentic intimacy.
-A joy for life.

73 elizabeth street sw1w 9pj - london uk

Step inside our sanctuary of style, where every detail has been meticulously curated to transport you to a world of timeless sophistication and whimsical charm.

Inspired by founder Sheherazade Goldsmith's childhood memories of visiting her local sweetshop, where visitors choose their sweets to put into their pick 'n' mix bag. A process similar to the Loquet clients journey of thoughtfully selecting precious charms to fill their talisman. A Celebration of light and colour, craftsmanship and ingenuity, the shop is a sanctuary of self expression, where amongst a kaleidoscope of playful colours, you can create your unique locket.

Loquet Stories

At the Loquet London flagship store, you'll discover not just a retail space, but an immersive experience and an undeniable sense of warmth and welcome.

Loquet Stories

It's a place where your dreams and desires become reality, and where you'll find the perfect locket to encapsulate your unique story. Whether you're a collector of our timeless lockets or you're just beginning your journey with us, our flagship store is where your imagination can run wild.

The store's design pays homage to the heart of Loquet London - our crystal faceted lockets. Each facet is a reflection of our dedication to crafting exquisite, meaningful jewellery. Our flagship store's floor is a true testament to this, with a design that mirrors the brilliant facets of our lockets. Every step you take is a reminder of the intricacy and precision that goes into creating our cherished pieces.

"I wanted to create somewhere intimate, that feels like a unique experience and celebrates the materials and colours that we use in our designs".
Sheherazade Goldsmith

The design inspiration is the same as the website, a sweetshop from my childhood. A world of glass jars and pick &mix, sherbet dips and Wham bars. Love hearts where for the older girls who played spin the bottle, whilst we wore charm bracelets that we ate throughout the day. There was often a rainbow somewhere in the shop, an illusion from light bouncing off the jars. The sweets where more Scrumptious sweet Co. than Willie Wonker and not a million miles from how our charms look inside a locket. I wanted to create somewhere intimate, that feels like a unique experience and celebrates the materials and colours that we use in our designs, hence the collaboration with Helle Mardahl. Her use of colour and glass plays with light and is reflective of our pieces. The marble onyx is like a jewel in itself. Each piece is unique and handpicked for it individual markings. Onyx also has a reflective quality about it which works brilliantly with our sapphire crystal faceted lockets and Helle’s coloured glass. The basketweave flooring is a not at the faceted crystal we use on our signature and heirloom pieces. The space is small, so it was important the interiors celebrated the design of our collections.

Our flagship store is more than just a boutique; it's a destination where beauty, love, and individuality converge, and where your locket dreams come to life.

The Loquet team look forward to welcoming you at 73 Elizabeth St, London SW1W 9PJ.

For enquiries please call +44 (0)780 8645 764

Opening times:
Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday - Closed

Loquet Stories