Meet the team

Clare - Our Wholesale Manager

What bespoke charm have you chosen?

I’ve chosen a beautiful red squirrel.

Why have you chosen this particular charm?

Red squirrels are so evocative of nature here in the UK, and I love their cheeky and lively personalities. This little guy is clearly ready for some mischief, which makes me smile!

What does this charm mean to you, and what are you reminded of when you look at it?

There are so many layers to this. Squirrel Nutkin was my favorite book when I was little, and as a family we would holiday every year close to Brownsea Island, which is home to one of the few red squirrel populations left in the UK. This charm speaks of a gentler, more playful time in my life, as well as being a reminder for us to re-connect with nature and try to enrich the world around us.

What Loquet would you wear this charm inside?

I think rose gold partners the warm colors of the enamel perfectly, so I’ve paired this with a rose gold Rolo chain and the medium classic heart locket.

What charms from the collection would you pair with this charm and why?

I’ve chosen a pearl, for simplicity and lustre - pearls are truly timeless - and also the Love you to the Moon charm. The moon has always been special to me, and it’s so important to remember the place of love in our lives, and to express it when we can.

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