Meet the team

Laurie - Our Ecommerce Manager

What bespoke charm have you chosen?

A croissant.

Why have you chosen this particular charm?

This is part of my identity, as I grew up in my family's bakery in South of France.

What does this charm mean to you, and what are you reminded of when you look at it?

This is my guilty pleasure which brings so many great memories of my childhood. Nothing beats the smell of fresh, hot croissants first thing in the morning.

What Loquet would you wear this charm inside?

Our new Signature round Locket as this is my favourite piece. A circle is eternity, a neverending loop which for me is what life is about. Love makes the world go round.

What charms from the collection would you pair with this charm and why?

The Love Charm to celebrate all the love in my life and the interlinked hearts to represent the strong bond I have with my family.

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