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Lia - Our Content Creator

What bespoke charm have you chosen?

I have chosen a little robin bird.

What does this charm mean to you, and what are you reminded of when you look at it?

This charm reminds me of the parks in central London, where I love to spend time walking and taking in very sacred moments of peace within the chaos of city life. Robins have such a sweet, curious and energetic presence in London’s green spaces and they remind me to put daily stresses into perspective. They are known for bringing luck and joy, and some believe they are little messengers for lost loved ones - something I love to believe.

What Loquet would you wear this charm inside?

A classic large heart locket.

What charms from the collection would you pair with this charm and why?

I’d pair it with a family tree - the most important charm for me, it reminds me of who I am, where I come from, and the people I love the most. And then a star, because it reminds me of my grandpa who passed away in 2020 but I always feel he’s still here when I look up at a starry sky. Last but not least an amethyst because it’s my birth stone and I love their beautiful purple colour.

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