Meet the team

Sheherazade - Our Founder and Creative Director.

What bespoke charm have you chosen?

I have chosen a dandelion, set with diamonds in 14k white gold and enamel leaves.

Why have you chosen this particular charm?

When my children where little, we used to go on holiday in Devon, where there are rolling fields of dandelions. We would lie on our backs and blow wishes. Now that they are either in, or leaving university, it reminds me of them flying away. The idea of seedlings that appear and then disperse to turn into beautiful flowers.

What Loquet would you wear this charm inside?

I’d wear it with the Ipseity rainbow locket. I named this collection Ipseity as it’s a celebration of being oneself and rainbows make me smile.

What charms from the collection would you pair with this charm and why?

My children’s birthstones and a love you to the moon and back.

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