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Journey through the chapters of your life with our collection of 18k gold floating charms. Each an emblem of a distinctive memory, a personal expression, a love. Designed to be added to your locket necklace, bracelet or ring, hand finished and set with ethically sourced diamonds, precious stones or enamel. Personalise your locket with a special someone’s initial, your birthstone, symbols of what matters to you most. Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Create your unique charm with our bespoke service.

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  1. £580.00
    You can earn points from this purchase.
    18k yellow gold rainbow charm set with sapphire
    Rainbow Arc Charm - Lucky
    Rainbow Arc Charm - Lucky
    You can earn points from this purchase.
  2. Bespoke -- create your own charm.
    Bespoke charm
    from £150.00