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Mothers Day: Naomi Ferst

Mothers Day: Naomi Ferst

On Mother's Day as a new Mother: Noemi Ferst

On Mother's
Day as a new
Noemi Ferst

Noemi Ferst writes her story about the wonders of appreciating the little things in life and how these create a bond between generations.

On Mother's Day as a new Mother:Noemi Ferst

Naomi Ferst

Becoming a mother has been the most incredible adventure of my life. You can't possibly imagine what it feels like until it happens to you. This wave of unconditional and infinite love. My daughter Gigi is my greatest creation, the fruit of love, the gift of life. I feel so very lucky and privileged to share this most precious and fleeting time with her and to be able to watch her grow into the bright and beautiful little person she is becoming.

This is the first time I will experience Mother's Day both ways, as a daughter, and as a mother. Though I'm so very thrilled to find myself on the other side, I must admit that I do not believe in a single day to celebrate motherhood, as I do not believe a single day should celebrate women or love. I am grateful to my mother everyday, for everything she has done for me and for everything she keeps on doing. Even more so since my daughter was born. I now understand the great responsibility and strength she had, and am forever in awe of the spectacular person I get to call Maman.

The truth is, I feel celebrated every single time my daughter laughs. I feel irreplaceable when she seeks comfort in my arms. I feel peace when she looks up at me with her big beautiful eyes. I feel satisfaction in her smile. I feel bliss when she falls asleep on top of me. I feel pride in all of her accomplishments. I feel love in her papa's kind eyes when he carries her in his warm embrace, he always steals a second to glance at me and send me a smile of pure happiness: my heart bursts. And I feel at home with both their arms entangled in mine. I feel whole since the second she arrived on this earth. I feel loved every single second of every single day.

For me, every day is Mother's Day, and motherhood is the gift that just keeps on giving. To all the mamas of this world, know that you are loved today, and every other day.

Naomi Ferst

Noemi Ferst

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