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A bright new chapter in the long legacy of keepsake lockets. A bespoke fine jewellery concept from Sheherazade Goldsmith, created in London.

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to design: a bespoke sensibility is at the heart of everything we do, so every Loquet is completely personalised, and one of a kind.  Charms for love and luck, for new beginnings and in remembrance.Big, shout-them-from-the-rooftops feelings and moments to be proud of; little private jokes to hold close. Behind the crystal facets of every locket, a story is being written in solid gold.Today, Loquet can be found at specialist jewellery destinations across the world, and at our flagship store in London’s Belgravia, beneath our signature ribbon-red awning. 

Here at Loquet we create jewellery to mark the big milestones and the small intimate moments in life, rendering each in solid gold, diamonds and sparkling gemstones.

A Loquet says and is many things: it’s a love letter, a grand gesture, a declaration, a birthday present a memory. But the real magic comes from you when you curate the pieces that tell you story and because life is never still we’ll help you fill your Loquet with celebrations, memories and new adventures as you experience them.

Life is forever changing and that the worder of it. Let’s celebrate the best and brightest moments together.

We all change everyday. We add strings to our bows, passions to our hearts. We are the sum of many little parts that make us who we are. A Loquet is designed to hold those memories, to involve as you do and remind you to take a moment to celebrate yourself and smile.

My whole world, in miniature

"I wear my Loquet everyday - I’m never without it, as it makes me feel close to the people I love and memories that make me smile. A sapphire rainbow brings me luck and light, because we all could use more of those. I have my children’s birthstones, and just created a bespoke diamond dandelion - every time I see it, it reminds me of their childhoods in Devon, where there were fields of dandelions ready to blow away into wishes together every summer."

Sheherazade Goldsmith

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