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KATE KANE for Loquet
We are thrilled to introduce our first collection designed in collaboration with Kate Kane in aid of the Harry Kane Foundation.

Inspired by shared values of enduring love, resilience and connection, this meaningful collection incorporates stones with healing properties, alongside the ancient art of lapidary, for a unique and never before seen Loquet collection.

Designed to be personalised by you for those moments when you need them most, look to Kate's constellation of floating charms and discover pieces that reflect all the things that make you complete.

Proceeds will go to the Harry Kane Foundation, which seeks to transform a generation's approach to mental health through normalising conversations around the topic and promoting positive habits that support mental wellbeing.

Harry Kane Foundation is a restricted fund registered under the auspices of Prism The Gift Fund, charity number: 1099682.

Your talisman for strength and courage

"I love all the pieces in our collection and the meaning behind them - some related to resilience, inner strength, and connection – which are key messages of the Harry Kane Foundation."

Kate Kane

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A sapphire crystal window into your world is framed by blue chalcedony and pink opal, stones that brings growth and acceptance to the wearer.
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